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Attractions in St Albans

St Albans lies to the hill above the River Ver that particularly attracts the interest of Old Roman and Abbey settlement of the Verulamium. If you want to visit this city, there are lots of tourist attractions you will surely love in this place.

Here is the list of remarkable attractions in St Albans:

St Albans Cathedral

It is considered as one of the oldest sites in this city. It has provided faith and beauty to the millions of people over many of years. It has a notable crucifixion. There are beautiful wooden ceiling spans, large gatehouse. It also has a Monks Chancel with ornamental stucco.

Old Town

One of the notable things in old town in St Albans is its Clock tower that is located at the centre of this town. Thus, you will be amazed with the impressive panoramic views of the town streets. You can also view   their magnificent collection of musical instruments.

Gardens of the Rose

This is another great attractions in this place that is located in the Royal National Rose Society. You will be impressed with the large rose gardens with 15,000 individual roses and has 5,000 types. It is open in the public and it is best to visit during June and July where it blooms lots of flowers. 


In this place, you will find the archaeological digs that are being displayed in the Verulamium Museum. Aside from this, you will also find the Roman Theater, two temples and be amaze with the wild animal shows.

St Michael's Church

This church is another ancient forum that contains tomb of the philosopher Francis Bacon. It has the picturesque Kingsbury Water Mill that is near the River Ver.  

Old Gorhambury House

In this house the remains of Elizabethhan mansion  is still visible by its grand ruins. It  is composed of 2 storey porch that has chapel, clock tower and hall. 

International Organ Festival

This kind of event happens every two years in July. Wherein it includes chamber and choral concerts, orchestral, recitals, lectures and different kinds of art exhibits. Most of the visitors can catch the performances in cathedral, St Albans schools and churches.

De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre

If you want to witness the preserve collection of Britain.  In this place is the best option for you. In this place you will find different kinds of memorabella, rockets, missiles, propellers, aero-engines and Havilland aircraft.

There is no doubt why this place is commonly the best options of lots of tourists. It is the perfect place for taking your vacation since it can offer lots of beautiful and historical places that you can explore.