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Eating out in St. Albans

St. Albans is not just a beautiful city steeped with countryside and architecture. As you visit this city in  Hertfordshire, you are bound to discover why it is food haven. Exploring these restaurants will let you know. 

Whilst enjoying your stay in The White Hart Hotel you can find may local places to eat out in St. Albans. Here are some places to discover while visiting our city.


If you are at the heart of the city, you might like to visit this gourmet burger joint. Whether you love chicken, fish, beef or you are a vegetarian, they have plenty of delicious offers in their menu. If you are into alcoholic drinks, no worries as they are also serving it there. 

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

This is one of the oldest restaurants in St. Albans and their oldest pub too. They are dated back in the 8th century. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal in spacious patios, this is a fine choice. They offer hearty menu every day that will surely make your appetite crave for more.


When you visit St. Albans, never miss the opportunity to miss this award-winning restaurant. This pizzeria and Italian restaurants are authentic with the professional services they are offering. Italian cuisine is at their finest in this warm and cosy restaurant. The food they serve as superb and truly excellent. 

The Waffle House

As waffles become popular in the UK, so does The Waffle House. For this versatile dish, they have plenty of options from savory to sweet. Their specials change regularly so you will be in for different menus. 


If you are into Turkish tapas, you would surely love to explore what Tabure has to offer. They have a friendly and warm atmosphere where customers are allowed to watch how their meals are being prepared. As tapas are great to share with your friends, it would be ideal to visit here as a group. 

The Breakfast Club

If you love heavy and fulfilling meals for your breakfast, this rustic-looking café will be perfect for you. With their extensive menu for breakfast, it is no wonder why many locals are over there during brunch hours.   From classic dishes to unique ones, you will certainly not going to be disappointed. 


If you are for sustainable and ethical fine dining, this is the place to go. Their foods are prepared with attention details and they made use of only the finest ingredients. This is perfect for special occasions as they have the special menu that will match that occasion. 

As you visit and explore St. Albans, discover the great menu it has in store for you as well. With the great restaurants here and their mouth-watering menu, you are about to uncover a new food haven.