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Our Restaurant: Traditional Tudor and British Cuisine 

Do you love the delicate taste of traditional Tudor and British cuisine? Tudors Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place to satisfy your craving stomach!

St Albans is rich of historical sites and attractions. The city offers larger, attractive structures and friendly neighbourhoods. It  also offers options for delicate foods that will surely give you a  reason to visit the place often. 

Planning a special occasion? Tudors Restaurant & Bar can make your event extra special!

One of them is Tudors Restaurant & Bar, which can be found across from the Abbey and Cathedral. Its ambience is perfect for those looking to eat meals and sip appetising beverages while viewing the natural beauty of St Albans.

Tudors Restaurant & Bar

Hire our Restaurant

Whether it is a simple gathering, birthday celebration or other types of events, you need to make sure your guests will be entertained. Especially when it comes to food, you'll find it easy to please everyone. Choose a place that can cater to everybody's needs while giving a fantastic experience. In this case, Tudors Restaurant & Bar pledges to be an ideal venue for any events, including year-end functions. 

Group Bookings

A group of people can be accommodated since our restaurant has comfortable seats and spacious tables. Private dining areas can be offered as well. This is perfect for those looking for exclusive meal. Even business conference can be gathered here while enjoying our delicate foods.

Traditional Restaurant

Tight in a budget? Not a problem! At Tudors Restaurant & Bar you'll have chances of getting the cuisine you like without breaking your pocket or bank account. As soon as you step into our restaurant, take time to choose the ones suitable for your special event. 

Reservation is available anytime you want. Kindly call our friendly customer service agents and they will address any questions or concerns you have in mind. 

Visiting St Albans

Tudors Restaurant & Bar is regarded as one of the finest in St Albans and even in surrounding areas. There are various reasons which put our restaurant scene aside from the competition. Among them are the huge selection of menus and the intense range of international cuisine. Whether you prefer a traditional dish or a popular one, you are sure to find the cuisine suited to your taste and budget.

Visiting St Albans wouldn't be complete if you don't try one of our cuisines. Whether it is a casual dinner or a group celebration, we will exceed your expectations!